Welcome to my site


The astronomer in her natural habitat.

I’m an astronomy lab instructor at Smith College, a women’s college in western Massachusetts. During the summer, I’m the academic director of Smith’s Summer Science & Engineering Program for high school girls. I’m interested in science education and outreach and an advocate for women and underrepresented minorities in science.WhiteQuote

In my copious spare time, I write science articles in kids’ nonfiction magazines, which is what this website is for. Check out my list of publications and my posts about them.

Since I’m an astronomer, my first few magazine pitches were for astronomy and physics articles. As I got more writing experience, though, I started writing about other topics: wastewater treatment (my personal obsession), the teen brain, coral reef critters, and chemotherapy, with some current events and science humor thrown in for variety. Despite (or maybe because of?) my astronomy training, I’m really a science omnivore. I love all things science, and I love explaining it in terms that kids can understand.

If you’re interested in writing about science for kids, check out the links and advice in the Resources section.